Reasons to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the most important part of a healthy diet. This can be attributed to many reasons like they are full of vitamins and other nutrients while also having low calories. There are many reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables like weight loss and boosting the immune system. Below are more reasons to do so.

Provide low-fat proteins

This fact has probably caught you by surprise, but it is true. Most people know fruits to have vitamins and carbohydrates mostly. However, vegetables such as broccoli and fruits such as avocados, kiwis, and blackberries have protein in them. Taking these fruits help one to meet their twenty percent calories meant to be gotten from proteins.

They are nutrient dense

Food choices should be thought of nutrition density which is the ratio of mineral and vitamins to calories. Vegetables and fruits are known to be nutrient dense foods since they have healthy compounds but have very few calories. One surely gets more nutrients from them than in any other food.vegetables

Defense against diseases

One needs to eat more fruits and vegetables to build up their defense against non-communicable diseases. People are having more fruits and veggies in their diet reduce their chances of getting diseases like heart disease, stroke, hypertension, digestion problems diabetes and even cancer. Eat more fruits and vegetables for a long healthy life.

Helps in digestion

The process of breaking down food into nutrients may take longer. The fiber contained in fruits and vegetables helps in making it easy for the food to move through the digestive tract smoothly and faster. Having more fruits and vegetables in the diet helps in preventing constipation and other digestive disorders.

Used as healthy snacks

Those trying to lose weight need to feast on healthy snacks. Vegetables and fruits are the best choices for this. One should have at least four servings of fruits in a day. However, one can eat as many fruits as they want since they have few calories but more nutrients. In case one feels hungry again, they eat vegetables to feel full.

More variety to choose from

There are many different types of fruits and vegetables to choose from. They are also available in many colors, taste, and texture. Whatever craving one has, they will always be a fruit to satisfy it.

Versatile ways of enjoying them

benefits of fruits and vegesOne never gets bored when they eat vegetables and fruits because of the various ways they can be enjoyed. They can be blended into juice, and one still gets the full nutrition value. They can be eaten raw when they are crunchy and juicy. They can also be roasted to caramelize the sugars which make them sweet as well as deepening their other flavors. Steaming the vegetables brightens the taste while grilling them adds the smoky flavor which brings out the barbecue feel.

There are many other benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. It is said that you are what you eat. Ensure you eat more fruits for a healthy you so that you will never have to see a doctor soon.