Relaxing Exercises That Burn Carbs

woman on grass

Exercising is one of the most important ways to live a healthy lifestyle. However, many of us are already stressful enough from our jobs that doing a rigorous and sweaty sport would seem like a hassle. Little did we know that there are many relaxing activities to help us get healthy and get rid of stress at the same time. Here are a few of the most therapeutic exercises you can do to get fit.


If you have access to rivers, lakes, streams or rapids, then you should definitely consider kayaking. Kayaks are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to carry. Getting out to the water and enjoying the nature will lower your stress levels and give you a full body workout. If you don’t know much about kayaking, there are plenty of information provided in KayaKudos’ Tumblr to help you get started.

 woman kayaking in lake


Swimming is the only exercise that will leave you with no joint pain, which is very convenient for people who hate sweating and hate the muscle cramps that comes after exercising. Even the easiest swimming styles such as breaststroke will help you burn up to 500 calories per hour. Afterwards, you can lay on your back and float on the water, or give yourself a tanning session if you’re swimming outdoors in the summer.


Yoga gurus or yogis will deny that yoga is a sport. Yoga is a philosophy to connect your mind with your body and focus on finding peace with yourself. Although, yogis do not deny that yoga is a workout that helps increase flexibility and improve your muscle strength. This exercise is proven to help with mental tranquility and has immense long-term health benefits.

woman doing yoga on coast


Riding a bike is a great way to explore nature while exercising. You don’t even have to ride your bike at a fast pace to get your heartbeat going. Before you know it, a relaxing stroll around your neighborhood will have you burn almost 150 calories in less than an hour. Biking can also be done during any time of the day, but we recommend doing it during sunrise or sunset to give your mind an extra de-stressing boost.

Increasing your heartbeat during these activities helps your body pump blood to your vital organs, thus increasing your muscle mass, immune system, metabolism, and overall health. Remember that stress can also affect your body in a negative way. Therefore, by doing the activities listed above, you will be two steps closer to living a healthy lifestyle.