Tips for Getting the Best Fitness Tracker to Buy

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You are probably using a fitness tracker right now to keep up with your fitness goals, but that is just one of the jobs that a tracker can do. If you are wondering what else you might be missing, then chances are you have little information regarding the growth of the fitness industry and capabilities of personal gadgets. Popular wearable devices shone the light to fitness usability, and millions of people in every country now want a piece of the pie. The new year is also presenting opportunities for resolutions that include keeping fit, beating track times set last year, and mingling with other like-minded training enthusiasts. Here are tips for best fitness tracker to buy this year.

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Come up with a fitness tracker checklist

A checklist will ease your decision making when you are reviewing hundreds of options available online today. You need a tracker that will either have a watch or not. Some trackers will displace a watch, or they will function primarily as a watch when in idle mode. They may come with a touchscreen, or they will be accessories to your smartphone allow you to adjust and operate them from an app on your phone. Other checklist items worth considering are the accuracy of the device and the waterproofing qualities. You want the accuracy to be closer to the wrist-mounted heart-rate monitor. You also want your tracker to have water resistance properties so that you have no worries when you accidentally do dishes or garden watering with the tracker.

The price

You must start with a budget for your fitness tracker, or else you will end up paying more than necessary. Budget sports brands should have a good build quality and be about 50 dollars in today’s money. As you improve the build quality, add taxes for some countries and states, and enhance the capacities of the tracker, the price also goes up.

Tracking activities

Trackers in the past only checked your heart rate and the number of steps. Right now, they can also track a specific activity like cycling, weights, boxing, and swimming. They could have a GPS or rely on the one on your smartphone. You end up with a comprehensive report at the end of the day that you could use to review your training routine for better results.

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Some popular choices

The Misfit Ray is a sleek band that has a metal tube, which will likely fit as an accessory on your wrist or neck. It is good for logging steps, sleep and distance. The Moov Now is another choice because of its small form factor. It is ideal for motion activities like running, cycling, and swimming. It is an activity band and does not bother you with many settings. The Fitbit Alta HR will monitor your heart rate and your sleep. It will also combine with a Fitbit app for comprehensive reports on your smartphone.

Pick your choice of these or hundreds of other awesome trackers out there. Keep in mind the need to narrow your selection based on a checklist.